Group Meetings with Our Inhouse Psychologist and Parents: The need to become a better person and therefore a better parent has created questions that thankfully do not remain unanswered! Our long term and valuable collaboration with Mrs.Tania Bageri, who hosts sessions on our premises in order to council, help and suggest ways for us to handle daily situations which often lead us to personal impasses. Topics such as smooth adjustment to school, limits and good communication, relationships between siblings and friends and many others present us with the opportunity to get to know each other better and to also get to know ourselves and our children a bit better, from a different and more experienced point of view.

Visits from Authors, Actors and Theatrical Groups:

The imagination has no limits and knowledge has no age! Significant people from the arts come to our premises in order to present their work to us. Stories are told by the people who wrote them, interactive games transform the words on a page into pictures and theatrical plays bring heroes and protagonists to life without ceasing to make those moments even more special!

Easter and Family Traditions:

One of the most popular traditions of Greece is that of the Easter Candle, “labatha”, which is given to the child by the godparent. The tradition of the godparent began in Rome and originally godparents were called “Patronus” which means “Protector” in Latin. The godparent was the individual to whom the child went while growing up for any problem he had concerning his spiritual growth and development as well as his faith! The labatha, or Easter Candle symbolizes the ressurection, the victory of light over darkness, life over death. This beautiful story has been altered throughout the years, while the desire of the children and the expecting of the godparent has been replaced by the desire of the gift! The labatha toy ensemble is honored every year, resulting in the labatha losing its original significance and being replaced by the joy of the accopanied toy. We at Owly, who cherish traditions, especially ones that we create with our own families, cordially invite the godparents to come and make a handmade labatha with their godchildren! And what happens if the labatha ends up as a gift for our godparents? Hmmm…now that’s another story altogether!

School Plays:

Every year our little actors get up on stage and present plays in collaboration with Theaters we work with and prove that each and every one of us has talent! Scripts inspired by children’s ideas, props made by little hands, messages born of our daily interacton with them! Music, movement, acting, collaboration, teamwork and we the “adults” fill our souls with experiences simply by working with them!

Campaigns of Offerings and Solidarity:

A simple instance, such as that of the holidays and highly influenced by feelings of outgoing, solidarity, helping others and collaboration, we don’t stop at the concern of those closest to us, but we express our sensitivity and the kindness of our hearts and souls to those less fortunate than ourselves who need it more. Together with the children we choose gifts of love and visit special needs schools, with children who perhaps play a little different than we do, but share a common understanding with us! That of childhood innocense…

Bookwave Festival:

In the past we have actively participated in the well known “wave of books”. Bookwave is an annual drasi that pertains to the giving of children’s books to kindergartens and elementary schools in Athens and the greater area of Attiki that are facing serious shortages in books. Another collaboration with Library4all and the families of our school!



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