Group 3-4

This group consists of children aged 3 to 4 years.
At these ages, our main goal is to assist the child in developing a strong personality and in making use of its own advantages through knowledge and creativity.
To this end, we implement the Rotation Model –– a learning model of alternating activities.
These rotating activities have determined the way we have set up and equipped our rooms:

Our large classroom, where music and movement, psychomotor and theatrical activities take place.
Here we combine self-awareness and communication with the group. Music makes us active and travels our mind, words free us, drama and direction are introduced to the children. Through the journey in the world of imagination the children become mature and learn to follow instructions.

Our art classroom, where colors mix with each other to produce vivid pictures.
The children get familiar with paintbrushes and paints, papers and scissors as well the rest of the handicrafts items.
This wonderful journey in creativity is never-ending!

Our pre-writing and reading classroom, where children can learn and develop oral and written skills.
Here we reward individuals, team spirit, solidarity, patience and effort.
Our children get acquainted with letters and numbers and the journey in learning begins!

Our English classroom, where the rotating activities are completed.
The children hear new sounds and new melodies and get ready for the journey in a new language!


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