Our place

At a peaceful location surrounded by vegetation in the Athens suburb of Psychiko, we designed a hospitable and cozy place, which always looks new and beautiful thanks to the artistic inspiration of our little guests.

We have set up each room bearing in mind the needs that would have to be met and the activities that would take place in there. We take into consideration our little friends’ degree of development and adjustment for their more effective participation in the various activities.

In the dining room the children enjoy being in the company of their friends and the interaction with each other gives them an appetite.

In the dedicated dorm rooms the little ones take their siesta all together. They learn to be in the same room with others and to respect each other during the quiet hours.

Our outdoor spaces consist of three different gardens equipped for one and only purpose: for the children to play safely.


11 Mistral & Krystalli str. Neo Psihiko - T 210-67.44.344 - e-mail: info@owly.gr