Our partners

For the children’s journey in early childhood education our teachers serve a fundamental role! They hold university-level certificates in the field of early childhood care and education. They also demonstrate great love for children and a passion for development along with them.
We are honored to cooperate with the parents, whose help and information are of great importance to our children’s smooth adjustment in the new environment and their rapid development.

We also have with us our beloved cook. She prepares delicious foods and also cooks together with her little friends some times with the results being surprising!
Our clinical nutritionist has set up our nutritional program and offers special advice in certain situations.
The auxiliary personnel is dedicated to ensuring our place meets hygiene requirements every day, and the cleaning and decontamination team visits us twice a year.
Our drivers transport our children to their homes and to our out-of-school activities with safety.

Our pediatrician makes his planned visit to us every month for proactive pediatric check-ups and is available for communication with us in the event of emergencies.

Our child psychologist discreetly monitors all children every week. The parents can privately discuss with her by appointment.
During the year the child psychologist can meet the parents in group sessions.

Our child dentists and orthodontists check our children’s oral health and hygiene once a year and inform all parents with written reports.

Our specialized speech therapists check our children’s language development twice a year and inform all parents with written reports.

Our gardener takes care of our gardens, so that all our little friends can enjoy playing outdoors, while the safety technician and other external collaborators ensure ideal conditions for our journey in education.


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