About us

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in…”

Graham Greene, British writer

…A similar moment occurred to us in October 2003, when our father Michalis came up with an idea. He had a daughter, Dimitra, a special early childhood educator ––BA Education, MA Early Childhood Education, ITD Montessori Centre International–– with working experience in day-care centers of Chalandri, an Athens suburb. He also had a son,Yorgos, an economist –– BSc., MSc. Finance.
What might these two siblings have in common? Immense love for people; rich imagination; the dream of creating something valuable; Plenty of ideas for the combination of all the above.

What do people need for a healthy development and the achievement of happiness in their life? They need foundations.
The unique opportunity to go through their childhood, the most important years in one’s life, as well as possible. And for an adult to be a free spirit and a free soul, they must have started working towards this end from their early years.
It was in early childhood care and education that we wanted to introduce novel ideas and combine them with profound love and respect for each child’s individuality.
To blend colors with constructions, music with movement, the Greek with the English language, letters with numbers.
To foster the development of the most significant relationship: friendship.
To instil teamspirit into the children’s mindset.
To host children in places designed to help them discover their hidden talents, express their feelings, gain insights and share knowledge, so that they can be smoothly introduced into the world of Arts and Letters.
To help a small child’s first and shaky steps become steady leaps forward of a unique personality.

A couple of years later…
Dimitra is now mother of Michalis and Georgia; Yorgos is father of Thodoris and Orfeas. We are particularly proud of the fact that we provide our children, who are going through the carefree, but also difficult early childhood years, with strong foundations, as we have been doing with the children of others.

Now that we have our own families, we can understand the parents’ worries about having to live separately from their little children for some hours a day as well as the children’s fears about the new and the unknown.
That is why we pay special attention to the children’s adjustment and, at the start of the year, we all assemble to meet each other. To spend the first moments together in the same place. Parents, children and educators. To bring the family close to our early childhood center and to create a second home, where the children will be happy, so that the parents will be unworried.

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in…
It’s Owly’s door!
This door will always be open for children to spread their wings and fly freely to the world of creativity.
This door will always be open for parents to tell us their worries; their fears; their desires.

We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you!
Yorgos & Dimitra Panoussi


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